On August 13 - 14, the Moscow Sokolniki hosted the first Russian large-scale festival of drones - Drone Expo Show.

Over 2,500 people attended this two-day event. They had an opportunity to see unique drones, listen to speakers at lectures, become spectators and participants of the drone racing competition - Drone Grand Prix Russia. Especially for the business community, there was held a conference on the challenges and prospects for the use of UAVs.

RESULTS of Drone Expo Show 2016


Drone Expo Show’s attendees saw products by the most famous manufacturers of drones. They have been the first to look at unique drones, which have not been mass-produced yet.

The participants of the exhibition included Hoversurf manufacturing hover boards, Agro Botics offering agricultural drones, Drones Hub and At Energy manufacturing accessories for UAVs, M-Industries developing software, as well as companies specializing in aerial survey using drones, namely Pilot Hub, Le Talo and “SemkaSVozduha.RF.”

By Robot equipped a mini landfill area within the territory of the exhibition, where anyone could lift into the air a combat quadrocopter and test it in action.

The results of Flying Cam contest were summed up at the end of the first day. Yuri Filippov was awarded a prize for the best photo and Vladislav Klimov - for the best video.


During two days, the following speakers were delivering their reports on the stage of the lecture hall: Tim Skorenko, Kirill Shilov, Pavel Novikov, Artur Garipov and Kirill Demurenko. Attendees learnt about the most unusual aircraft, quadrocopters protection against theft, security and much more.

Another educational space within the exhibition was the master classes’ area, where theoretical knowledge was supported with practice under the guidance of:

Aleksei Shlykov from Copter-Express, who gave instructions for entry-level pilots
Aleksandr Zayonts from C11, who taught nuances of drone filming
Aleksandr Levchik from Quadrone Service Center, who explained how to solve common problems of quadrocopters


On August 13, Drone Expo Show featured a B2B conference "Drones and the future: innovative solutions and prospects."

The event was opened by a roundtable discussion on the legislative regulation of UAVs in Russia and worldwide. Lyudmila Gontar and Denis Getman spoke about the experience in the USA, the UK and the EU. A bit later, Michael Lipatov joined the discussion with an idea to create the UAS certification authority under the research and development centre named after Zhukovsky.

Peter Levich, a head of Science, Technology and Society Department at Moscow Technological Institute, examined the ethical issues of using drones and artificial intelligence.

Safie Al Haffaf, an expert at GfK Rus on the innovation market, consumer and business technologies, told about the state of the consumer drone market in Russia and Europe and about the preferences of Russian buyers of drones.

Konstantin Yakovlev, a member of the scientific council of the Russian Association of the Artificial Intelligence, spoke about the use of AI for the creation of autonomous drones.

Some presentations were devoted to photography and video shooting using drones. Oleg Kupervasser, a CEO at Transist Video, talked about video navigation for unmanned aircraft. Vladimir Beliy, a CEO of Alpha Smart, spoke about new features that UMA provided to the film industry. Pavel Gerasimov, a cofounder of Le Talo, explained how the photographer could preserve its drone from damage.

Sergey Lonshakov from Drone Employee talked about how blockchain contracts could make drones more autonomous, and their usage - more profitable.

Oleg Ponfilenok outlined the benefits of using drones as couriers and spoke about particular projects, including those developed by his company.

The conference concluded with a report on the use of UAVs in agriculture delivered by Maksim Vasilyev from Geoscan.

The conference was moderated by Oleg Ponfilenok, a CEO at Copter Express.

Drone Grand Prix

Drones flying at lightning speed, crashes and a spirit of rivalry, all these were witnessed by the audience of the drone racing championship. OnAirMedia was a partner of this activity.

Only 19 people out of 33 managed to pass the qualification on the first day. Their copters at a speed of over 100 km/h could fly the dangerous turns of a circular route “Crazy Russian Swift”.

On August 14, the final stage of the competition determined the best of the best. The winners shared a prize fund of RUB 60, 000.

1st place - Anton Saprykin

2nd place - Sergei Sviridenko

3rd place - Alexandr Smirnov

Evening show

During two evenings in a row, the pavilion turned into an arena of battle between good and evil. A bright light show was accompanied by the event host Vlad Rybalko. Copter Fight, Saberfighting School sand Brio Show took part in that battle. The drone on which the future of the Galaxy depended was defended by the Jedi with their lives. Drones located in the luminous cocoons fascinated with their extraterrestrial beauty.


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