DJI Spark mini drone is among top 10 inventions of the year

21 November 2017
DJI Spark mini drone is among top 10 inventions of the year

Time magazine published a list of the best inventions of 2017. The latest iPhone, fidget spinners and DJI Spark are in the list.

Authors of the list noted that drones became very popular on Chinese market. That's where the small quadrocopters, which can make the user's selfie, trend appeared. By the way, almost every second quadrocopter on the market is now called a selfie drone.

DJI did not stand aside and created Spark, a device that became one of the most popular in this field. It costs 500 dollars, which is not so much compared to other devices.


  • Product dimensions: 143 × 143 × 55 mm;
  • Max ascent speed: up to 3 m/s;
  • Max descent speed: up to 3 m/s;
  • Max service ceiling: up to 4 km;
  • HD video transmission distance via Wi-Fi: up to 2 km.


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