Metallica arranged incredible drone show at Copenhagen concert

11 September 2017
Metallica arranged incredible drone show at Copenhagen concert

Metallica concert at the Copenhagen Royal Arena impressed 15,000 spectators with a unique show. From the first sounds of the famous Moth Into Flame, microdrons started taking off over the round stage, forming a rotating circle. During the song, the number of drones gradually increased and their movement trajectory became more complicated until they formed three rotating interconnected rings.

This show was the first one ever to use drone group flights in a tour. Unlike the usual open air demonstrations, drones were in an enclosed arena space and were directly involved in what was happening as much as performers and spectators.

Creating such a show has a number of difficulties. First of all, GPS signal is muffled in the buildings, which really lowers the drone movement accuracy. In addition, several dozens of devices continuously moved over a huge crowd and that required additional security measures from the organizers.

This unique show is the brainchild of Verity Studios. The flight automation system was created by its specialists, based on distributed artificial intelligence. In addition, complicated flight control algorithms were specially developed: one operator monitored the movement, gave top-level commands and tracked the movement of several selected drones to launch an emergency landing in the event of anomalies. The rest of the work was done by a Verity advanced automated control system, which is capable of performing functions of several pilots at once, without any human participation.

It’s not the first Verity Studios project of this kind. During its existence, this company organized more than 7000 Stage Flyer drone flights at 398 concerts on Broadway.


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