Smart delivery by air: blockchain drone project will be shown in Moscow

06 July 2016
Smart delivery by air: blockchain drone project will be shown in Moscow

The idea of cargo delivery in cities and to the islands entrusted to drones is no longer revolutionary and starting to become a reality. A blockchain technology is even more surprising. It allows signing smart contracts for such delivery: a person doesn’t have no longer to monitor the terms of the contract and pay a fee to various intermediaries.

A live project – a symbiosis of the drone and blockchain – will be presented on August 13-14 at the first Russian exhibition and show of drones and quadcopters.

Sergey Lonshakov, Drone Employee developer, will tell about a decentralized air traffic control service using smart contracts and show a process of making a deal between drone and supervisor robot without human intervention.

Blockchain is a chain of blocks storing information about conveyance of material and intellectual property. The point of the technology is that any transaction between participants is available on all computers in the network, which means that it can’t be falsified or deleted. One more of the main blockchain features is the absence of a control center and intermediaries. In other words, to sign a contract one doesn’t require a registrator (lawyer, notary officer etc.) because the system conducts their role.

What is the benefit of the project?

The system simplifies a relation between three parties: service’s ordering party, supplier and regulator controlling air space. Cargo transferring or photo/video shooting of a required territory becomes easier and cheaper.

Blockchain drones can conduct logistical tasks for final customers as well as for EMERCOM, energy workers and utility providers. Besides, they don’t require million investments and don’t pollute environment.

Do you see a benefit for your business? Or are you just interested in the new technology? Ask the project lead questions at Drone Expo Show on August 13-14!

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