Track Racing: new format racing

06 May 2016
Track Racing: new format racing

As any kinds of sports, initially, drone racing was the entertainment for the narrow circle: a group of friends gathered in the forest or underground parking lot and organized the competition. Then it increased to championships took place in Great Britain, Australia, France and America. But drone racing became really popular after the Super Bowl in Dubai in March this year. Millions of people have discovered a new kind of sport.


Drone racing is conducted on the specially constructed circular track. Rivals are pursuing, the mercury is rising, and a lot of obstacles are hindering the flight. Sharp turns, unexpected barriers, circles that should be overcome – and all these at crazy speeds. Racing drones are accelerated up to 100 km/hour and this is not the limit!

The ordinary control method is not suitable for track racing: pilots wear special goggles which display the video from the drone camera. The whole track is highlighted, big screens provide live broadcasting. To make the show spectacular, the competition takes place in the late evening or in closed darkened rooms.

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