Autonomous flying vehicle Liberty started receiving orders

20 February 2017
Autonomous flying vehicle Liberty started receiving orders

Liberty Pioneer Edition is the first flying autonomous car created by the Dutch PAL-V International B.V. company. The car has been developed since 2005, a functional prototype was ready five years ago, and today the company started receiving orders for the finished model. Supplies of the unique vehicle will start next year.

Technical characteristics of the two-seater Liberty:

  • weight – 664 kg;
  • vehicle size – 4 × 2 m;
  • maximum speed – 160 km/h;
  • accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 9 seconds;
  • fuel consumption – 7,6 liters/100 km;
  • flying range – up to 500 km;
  • maximum flight speed – 180 km/h;
  • maximum height – 3,5 km;
  • not less than 200 m runway is needed for the take-off.

The company plans to release Liberty Pioneer Edition limited to only 90 cars. The cost of the flying unmanned vehicle will range between € 500-600 thousand, depending on configuration. By the way, the price includes pilotage training of the unmanned aerial car.

Once the first batch is sold out, PAL-V will start to produce the next model - Liberty Sport. It will cost around € 300-400 thousand.

The Dutch are not the only ones engaged in the development of unmanned aerial cars. Among their main competitors are the Chinese company with its single seated drone Ehang, Swift Gazelle model by AVIC, the French development Xplorair, and a four-seater TF-X by the American Terrafugia company. So, in 2020, drivers will have a wide range of choices.

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