Danger Drone, the “flying hacker”

11 August 2016
Danger Drone, the “flying hacker”

Earlier in order to hack into a device, bad guys had to physically approach it. Now they only need to send there a drone.

Danger Drone is a flying mini-computer which is capable of breaking the net. It is armed with a Raspberry Pi computer with the most popular hacker software. According to Fran Brown, one of the two idea authors, the unmanned aircraft “can do everything usually performed by a hacker laptop, but in addition to that it is able to fly”.

However, developers think main consumers to be not hackers but developers and testers who will use drones to check reliability of systems created by them. First of all, it refers not to the usual Wi-Fi nets and computers but to the home automation systems and other programs connected with the IoT network.

Danger Drone costs $500. The maximum distance he can be remotely controlled at is 2 km. The distance can be increased by installing sub-antennas on the drone.

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