Two-drone system transilluminates walls

22 June 2017
Two-drone system transilluminates walls

American scientists have developed the system of drones and Wi-Fi antenna, allowing to look through walls.

The concept requires two drones: the one is equipped with a Wi-Fi transmitter and another with a Wi-Fi receiver. Being located on opposite sides of a building, they transilluminate it from all edges using waves. The signal reflected from subjects creates a 3D map of the object. Besides, one does not even need to put any additional sensors inside the building. The drones move according to the flight algorithm programmed in advance.

Initially, the developers adjusted the system only for creating 2D models. But soon they realized its potential and improved the system, making it detect three-dimensional objects. Moreover, it functions with the simplest commonly-available equipment: Wi-Fi router with additional antennas, Project Tango tablet, and Raspberry Pi computer.

The researchers believe that their system will find a use among engineers, building organizations, architects, and archeologists.

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