SenseFly produced a drone for vegetable farms

13 October 2016
SenseFly produced a drone for vegetable farms

The SenseFly Company presented a new drone for photogrammetric mapping objects - eBeePlus. The drone simulates a bird not only in appearance but also in some of its features. For example, it has an excellent "sight" with a high resolution option. According to the developers, its performance is superior to all the other drones as it’s initially conceived as a device for crops monitoring.

During one session it is able to cover hundreds of acres. Single charge is enough for 59 minutes. eBeePlus has embedded sensors through which it receives the information that is necessary for the soil allocation mapping or the calculation of vegetation indices. SenseFly has high resolution RGB-camera which was specifically developed for the drone. If needed, the terrain images can be transformed into a 3D model.

The drone is already available for purchase and is successfully exploited on the crop fields in many countries.

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