Got a drone? Get ready for safety awareness tests

28 November 2017
Got a drone? Get ready for safety awareness tests

UK government plans to take control of the drone piloting, obliging owners to pass special safety awareness tests.

The draft legislation states that all drones weighing 250 grams should be registered in a national base. The owner of the drone must obtain permission to use it, as well as pass safety tests. Special add is also required, so the user can get all the information need to make sure a flight can be made safely and legally.

A permission to stop and ground the drone without any explanation is among new powers of policemen. If the police officer suspects that the owner commits a crime, he can confiscate the device.

The draft legislation came after 80 incidents with drones invading the airspace of airports. It is difficult to understand the owners who did not realize that the airport is not the best place to pilot their devices.


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