Syma Toys presented X8HW quadcopter

16 January 2017
Syma Toys presented X8HW quadcopter

Syma Toys, manufactures of unmanned aerial vehicles, have upgraded X8W quadcopter version and designed X8HW. Developers have taken into account disadvantages of the previous model and equipped the drone with a height barometer (H) and advanced camera. The vehicle has Headless and Altitude Holder modes and LED lights. X8HW operates using rotational motors.

Basically, the drone is equipped with Wi-Fi camera. Unlike the previous model, X8HW installed camera doesn’t prevent drone operation.

Technologists have increased a control distance up to 70 meters in the FPV mode: in case of video signal loss, the connection with drone is not interrupted. X8W version had limited control distance of 20 m while installed camera operating. Wi-Fi blocked a transmitter signal and the control over drone was lost.

X8HW is equipped with 7.4V 2000mA Lipo Battery. The flight time in the first-person view mode is up to 7 minutes and up to 9 minutes when Wi-Fi is turned off.

The kit also includes four-channel hardware. It allows quadcopter to move away up to 200 m when the FPV mode is turned off. АА batteries are not included to the kit.

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