Intel has designed an UAV named Falcon 8 Plus

21 October 2016
Intel has designed an UAV named Falcon 8 Plus

Intel experts have formerly experimented with drones. In particular, they created a special camera RealSense for an UAV. The company has recently decided to develop its own version of an aerial device – Falcon 8 Plus.

The design of Falcon 8 Plus reminds the German model AscTec Falcon 8 introduced by Ascending Company. The thing is that this particular company became the part of Intel at the beginning of the year, so the existing octocopter was taken as a basis for creating a new machine.

Technical characteristics of Falcon 8 Plus:

  • weight – 1,2 kg;
  • speed – 16 m/s;
  • carrying capacity – 0,8 kg.

The drone is equipped with the system of automatic land navigation which allows it to transfer accurate data. Besides, the device can carry out thorough analysis of objects detecting various damages. Due to such characteristics Falcon 8 Plus can be used for monitoring, research and inspection.

The device comes with a Cockpit controller which can be connected to Intel tablet. It makes the drone control and routing more comfortable and allows watching video from the camera online.

Moreover, the device is equipped with the systems of automatic balancing and has a data storage mode. Special LED indicators informs about batteries’ current state. 

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