GoPro recalls Karma drone acknowledging the defection

14 November 2016
GoPro recalls Karma drone acknowledging the defection

On September 19, GoPro presented a new unmanned aerial vehicle called very symbolically – Karma. In the end, karma literally overtook the first users that decided to test the new model. Drones were losing power during the flight and falling down. Not only the drones crashed, but also the expensive video and photo shoot equipment was damaged. Fortunately, people were unharmed.

During the presentation of Karma, it was announced that it could fly with a velocity of 54 km/h and cover up to 4.5 km distance on a single charge. In other words, the drone’s battery capacity allowed it to be in the air for around 20 minutes. And it could be piloted from the distance of up to 1 km.

But almost immediately after the sales started, customers started to complain that the drone turned off mid-flight and fell down. Representatives of GoPro decided not to risk and recalled the whole line of 2.5 thousand Karma drones, stating on the official website that safety is the priority for the company.

The company also stated that no one was harmed by falling drones, and users that bought the deficient product would be refunded.

Currently, developers from GoPro are eliminating the defects. And, most probably, before launching a new drone version, they will thoroughly test it for a long period of time.

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