General Electric introduces a drone for detection of methane leaks

11 October 2016
General Electric introduces a drone for detection of methane leaks

Drones have repeatedly proved their versatility and effectiveness in performing various functions: from parcel delivery to kayaking.

General Electric Company has decided to use them for detecting and evaluating methane emissions in companies which contribute to pollution. A new line of UAVs “Raven” will hit the market next month. Testing has showed that they carry out leak checks three times faster than a team of experts.

Weighing less than 9 kg the black-and-red drone has the maximum speed of 80 km/h. It is powered by 6 batteries and has the built-in laser sensor which detects problem areas. In 40 minutes it is able to evaluate gas emissions on the territory of an oil company transferring received data to workers’ tablets.

In future the use of “Raven” can become one of the methods which help companies to maintain ecological standards during operation. 

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