Fathom presented amateur underwater drone

09 September 2016
Fathom presented amateur underwater drone

American company Fathom has developed an underwater drone with a pair of replacement engines. The unique feature of Fathom One is that it is designed for private use.

Although military officers and scientists have been long using similar equipment, it doesn’t have any commercial analogues. Besides, underwater drones are massive and require a professional operator to pilot. Fathom One can change this situation.

Due to the replacement engine with an increased stabilizer, the drone can speed up to 3 knots. The device is equipped with LEDs and HD camera for underwater filming. There is a slot underneath for fixing an action camera.

The drone diving depth is 45 meters, but a communication cable connected to the drone imposes additional limitations. The cable length included to the kit is only 30 meters. A smartphone application is used for piloting and battery charge operates within one hour.

Currently, authors of the project are raising money for the serial production of Fathom One on Kickstarter. A preorder can be placed for $399. Customers will receive first devices next summer.

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