Droneboarding: go snowboarding without incline

15 June 2016
Droneboarding: go snowboarding without incline

There is a lot of snow in winter in many countries. A lot of people have boards. But, unfortunately, mountains or at least a proper snowboard park is absent. The solution is drones.

Droneboarding is a new kind of sport where a flying forward drone drags around a snowboarder. Hanging on it, one can go snowboarding even without an incline. The Verge has already found two demo videos. The first one is a clip with a little boy snowboarding with a toy drone.

But speeds are small there, and it is not as interesting.

But the second clip where a snowboarder is dragged around by a big drone seems to be more exciting.


Droneboarding enjoying can be messed up only by the battery, which won’t last long. But the fact that drones can drag around an adult person seems to be quite prospective. Probably, we will see first droneboarders in Russia next winter.

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