A unique video about an ancient church and a castle in Pidhirtsi shot with a drone

30 August 2016
A unique video about an ancient church and a castle in Pidhirtsi shot with a drone

Not many Ukrainians know that there are astonishing architectural masterpieces of 17-18th century located in Pidhirtsi, Lviv region. Pidhirtsi Castle is considered to be one of the most marvelous palaces in the Eastern Europe. It is often called the Ukrainian Versailles. There is one more beautiful building located not far from the Castle - the Roman Catholic Church of the Exaltation and St. Joseph built by the hetman Wacław Rzewuski within 1752-1766.

Greatness and breathtaking beauty of the ancient Ukrainian landmarks were captured in a video by DroneMan organization. The drone flew around and inside the church, and was then directed to the castle. A high quality video lets us see stunning beauty of ancient buildings. 

It is aimed at fundraising for buildings’ restoration. Unfortunately, today the castle is being rebuilt only by volunteers and the church is at low ebb – windows need to be urgently replaced because moisture penetrates into the majestic building through rotten window frames and as a result, unique paintings are damaged. Money for the church are raised by its abbot – father Taras Dzioba.

We hope that this wonderful video will attract public attention to the importance of cultural assets’ preservation and Pidhirtsi landmarks will be renovated. 

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