Medical assistant drone to the rescue!

15 June 2017
Medical assistant drone to the rescue!

Sweden is the first country to think of applying unmanned aerial vehicle for emergency defibrillator delivery to help people who suffer heart attack. The country has even conducted a corresponding experiment, involving the specially constructed quadcopter.

The device was based at the fire station in the Northern part of Stockholm. The drone flew out on simulated calls 18 times. In all cases, it got to the point of destination four times faster than the common ambulance. It required in average around five minutes, while doctors arrived to a potential patient in 22 minutes. The quadcopter launching process took only three seconds. And to send the ambulance after the call, one needs three minutes.

Truly speaking, the experiment was carried out within weather conditions favorable to flights. Besides, researchers did not take into account some road traffic features in Stockholm. But the main disadvantage of the unmanned first aid is that it does not involve skilled medical professionals. According to Jacob Hollenberg, the head of the experiment, everyone, including a patient, can in theory use the defibrillator. But, nevertheless, this theory should be checked in practice.

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