Google patented drone delivery

25 May 2016
Google patented drone delivery

Amazon, Alibaba and Walmart are going to realize an idea about drone delivery.

The main problem is security of customers and drones. A lot of drones in one place in the sky may cause an incident that will negatively affect the whole idea prior to its mass implementation.

To solve this problem Google has patented autonomous delivery system, which allows drones to keep a safe distance to a person using voice alert.

The system will work if you do not overestimate human logic. How often people move aside today, when hearing: “Warning: step aside”?

There is no information on the volume settings. Probably the effect would be stronger if to use “screaming” drones.

Moreover, drones will be equipped with flashing lights: red means person has to step aside, yellow – wait, green - it is possible to pick up a delivery.

Drone must ensure that there are no obstacles and get a delivery down. When the surface is reached, sensors indicate the position and delivery is detached.

There may be additional devices, for example a box on wheels for cargo landing.

Simple solutions are the most reliable. But taking into account human stupidity, Google has to develop a plan B.

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