No more flights in the forbidden territories. Kalashnikov designed a gun against drones

30 August 2017
No more flights in the forbidden territories. Kalashnikov designed a gun against drones

Kalashnikov conglomerate developed and demonstrated an effective rifle against remotely piloted vehicles. It’s called REX 1. The radio electronic weapon suppresses the GPS and GLONASS navigation systems, and also blocks mobile and Wi-Fi signals. Conglomerate representatives showed the novelty in action at the Army 2017 forum.

Now outsider multicopters, land and underwater robotic devices will not be able to go to protected areas unpunished. Almost any organization and even private individuals will be able to get a REX 1 weapon. The developers said that it will be available to both military and civilian structures.

The gun action principle is based on drone navigation channels suppression. A collimator aim quickly sees a drone, and the GPS and GLONASS suppression systems make it land gently. The gun does not destroy the machines.

The weapon battery is inside. It is much more convenient and has a much faster aim than similar models of other developers. In addition, the REX 1 functionality can be enhanced with additional equipment: laser aim, strobe and a DVR.

The weapon is important for security. REX 1 can be used for stopping different types of UAVs, as well as neutralizing self made explosives, which are usually activated by mobile devices.


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