Free yourself from accidents: 7 most common pilots’ mistakes

06 February 2017
Free yourself from accidents: 7 most common pilots’ mistakes

Due to these mistakes, a lot of drones were tossed in the garbage or handed in for repair. Some points of this list are multipurpose and others initially refer to DJI drones.

  1. Stopping the engine during flight

Newcomers often try to give a command, making arms spin down or turn every which way. As a result, engines fully stop. It is a last choice, which should be used only if one can’t prevent collision.

  1. Propeller ejection

Some copter owners twist propellers as far as it will go (supposedly for security) and they are retained against a base.

  1. Fall while returning

Looking for a perfect shot, one can launch a copter too far and lose a signal, for instance, when the drone goes round a building. Signal loss leads to the automatic switching-on of the home returning mode, and the copter, flying straightly, bumps into a wall. To prevent such a situation, adjust the returning altitude higher than all surrounding objects.

  1. FPV flight without seeing copter

FPV flight limits the visibility distance and you can’t see everything happening around the copter. It can deceive you of the altitude and direction. Thus, do not send your drone beyond the range of vision. It also refers to hind-foremost FPV flights.

  1. In-building flight

GPS signal gets worth inside a building, leading to unstable control. Beginning pilots commonly can’t manage such a situation. It is better to improve your skills in the open space using ATTI.

  1. Altitude gain and Failsafe

In case of battery discharge when drones fly more than 20 meters from the lifting-off point, devices start automatically ascending to the safety height and return to their owners. Some beginners panic when the drone ascends and incompetently cancel automatic operation. Due to this action, the copter bumps into trees and other objects. So, stand quiet and wait – your drone won’t fly away.

  1. Unsuitable flight conditions

It is a bad idea to launch copters nearby high-rise buildings and towers that can interrupt the control signal. Choose open spaces for launching.

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