3D scanner and neurogear: new methods of controlling drones

01 September 2016
3D scanner and neurogear: new methods of controlling drones

Russian and American scientists have developed the innovative methods of controlling drones.

Russian researchers from Skoltech offer a system of UAV control with the help of a 3D scanner and a projector. A drone can display a ground map on the floor and its owner may mark the point where the UAV has to fly. This technology will be extremely useful when drone delivery is introduced. Dmitriy Teteryukov, the project leader, promises that the map will have a zoom option and its owner will see the distance and flight duration when the location is chosen.

Meanwhile researchers from Arizona State University in the USA created a mind-controlled drone. A neurogear with 128 electrodes analyzes the brain activity and transforms it into signals for UAV. By means of such system one pilot will be capable of controlling 4 UAVs at a time.

Neurocontrol has two significant disadvantages: high price and the necessity of constant and total concentration. Once the pilot is distracted, the drone stops executing orders. On the other hand, UAVs with neuro gears can be controlled by disabled people, for example, those who are partially paralyzed. 

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