20 harmful tips for beginning drone pilot

13 May 2016
20 harmful tips for beginning drone pilot


When purchasing drone, a lot of people want to test its capabilities immediately. However, beginning pilots suddenly forget that they have almost no experience in operating drones and make a lot of stupid but quite expensive mistakes. Harmful tips for beginning quadcopter pilots will help to avoid very popular misconceptions about drones operating.         


20 harmful tips on piloting drones 

1. The first time you run a drone, you should check what maximum height it can reach. Don’t let either wind, or rain and snow, frighten you.        

2. To run a drone in the park is a great idea! It’s been so long since you have scaled high trees with almost naked trunks and tried to bring down an expensive device stuck among branches with expedient means.      

3. A quadcopter equipped with GPS will always find its way home. Even if its battery is dead and it can’t get a satellites signal.

4. Do not write your phone number on the drone because it will never flight too far from such an experienced piloting master like you.

20 harmful tips for beginning drone pilot  - 1

5. Do not draw screws up tight for fixing a GoPro camera. Where can it disappear within dynamic flight?     

6. When the drone informs that the battery is almost dead, it is necessary to make it fly to the horizon once again. You should solidify your newly required skills of confident piloting.      

7. An expensive drone should not be equipped with GPS tracker. Firstly, 50 dollars don’t grow on trees. Secondly, it weights too much and will decrease the drone speed.          

20 harmful tips for beginning drone pilot - 2

8. Do your friends also want to feel like cool pilots? Give them a control box without doubts! So what if they never heard about drones before and have no idea how much they cost.    

9. To learn a piloting art you require only the most expensive and feature packed drone. Only amateurs use cheap versions for practicing.      

10. If you got bored to overcome obstacles like cables or trees, you can try to frighten any musclebound person using the drone. And everyone will have fun immediately.        

11. You should not check every time whether screws on the quadcopter are tighten tough. Because they can fly off and injure someone.     

12. People’s advice during drone piloting is very important. Without them, you wouldn’t even dream of checking a maximum speed or fly right in front of a fast moving car.        

13. The best place for practicing in the piloting art is a military base or airdrome. To fly above a taking off plane is an especially cool idea. That’s what all professionals do!       

14. If you purchase a big drone, you should definitely test it at home. So what if the room is small, you have already learnt to manoeuvre with perfect accuracy.     

20 harmful tips for beginning drone pilot - 3

15. The quadcopter is just a toy so you can courageously put your finger in rotatory propellers.    

16. Professionals know that if one pull a gas stick, the drone will faster response to orders.

20 harmful tips for beginning drone pilot  - 4  

17. Children also want to play with the drone so you can entrust them a control box. Or leave it nearby. Anyway, they will not able to handle and lift up the quadcopter in the air.      

18. After purchasing the quadcopter, run it at home and make it fly out of the window. It is so simple!   

19. Drone security significantly impeded its aerodynamics so you should turn it off.   

20. You should certainly equip a hanger with a GoPro camera for the first flight! You have to film a great epic fail for the history when you screw up the whole equipment at once.


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