10 professions for drones

13 July 2016
10 professions for drones

Quadcopters and other drones are used not only in the entertainment industry. We decided to examine in detail their application and present you a selection of the 10 most prospective professions for drones.

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  1. Archeologist

Drones can help in the excavation. We already have one example: in 2014, GoPro copter found a millenary settlement in Mexico. It was equipped with a thermal camera that reacted to cold areas – buried parts of previously used buildings.

  1. Doctor

Drones have already been used for medicament delivery to African outlying regions. One has developed the project of copter immediate delivery of defibrillators. Argodesign company presented to the public a concept of a large size remotely operated drone that will be able to convey injured people.

  1. Courier

Amazon and Alibaba have long announced about their readiness to implement online order delivery, using drones. Currently, this idea is prevented only by outstanding issues of security and government restrictions. But, probably, the first courier drones will fly to customers in 2-3 years.

  1. Waiter

Yo Sushi restaurant in London uses copters as flying trays, remotely operated via the special application. In the future, equipped with infrared sensors and cameras, drones will be able to operate autonomously.

  1. Beat officer

Patrolling of state borders, fighting against terror, environment condition supervising – observability from the air is unlimited. For instance, the drone in Texas allowed to expose the meat-packing plant that was draining off pork blood into the local pond.

  1. Rescuer

Drones will increase efficiency of earthquake and fire search and rescue operations. A copter will be able to get to hard-to-reach locations fast and help to use human resources of life-saving services as reasonably as possible.

  1. Farmer

Drones can significantly help the agricultural sector: from monitoring plant conditions to fertilizing and providing pest control. Especially, when it goes about large scale farms.


  1. Photographer

Aerial filming organization doesn’t require lots of time and money anymore. High resolution cameras allow to obtain quality photos and videos. A lot of operators already use drones in their work.

  1. Construction worker

Flight Assembled Architecture experiment showed: drones can quickly move around pretty heavy blocks and combine them in a given order. Construction activity still remains one of the most dangerous professions and drone implementation to building sites will help to reduce fatality rate.

  1. Guide

Everyone is familiar with the situation when you don’t know how to get to the certain house or street. Imagine that instead of asking strangers which way to go, you call the drone and it shows you the way. Such project has already been developed, but only for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Unmanned aerial vehicle application prospects are impressive. And the fact that this is an innovative technology inspires even more because it’s only the beginning!

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